About the ASA

Members of the Aluminium Stockholders Association act as a link between the mill producers of aluminium rolled and extruded products and the customers, such as the automotive and aviation industries.

The stockholders usually offer not just aluminium products but also stainless steels, copper alloys and specialist alloys such as titanium and nickel. The larger stockholders can also offer plain carbon and alloy steels and plastics. All of these products are available in quantities and to exact specifications to match immediate production requirements with just-in-time deliveries.

Stockists pride themselves on being able to meet their customers' constantly changing needs, holding a wide variety of products - in both standard alloys, sizes and shapes and also special items to meet individual needs. At any one time, ASA members hold over 30,000 tonnes of stock ready for immediate supply from a warehouse system covering all of the UK.

Benefits of using ASA

Next day delivery is common

Avoid large minimum order quantities

Small, precise quantities at regular intervals

Trade counter facilities for same day service

Optimum production efficiency

Lowest fabrication and assembly complexity

Supply consistency

Can deliver short notice

The ASA’s Goals

Members separately, and through the ASA’s various committees, actively seek to improve individual businesses and to develop the UK aluminium stockholding industry. The ASA also plays an active part in organisations such as the Aluminium Federation in promoting the use of aluminium products in a wide range of end uses.

The ASA members operate within a strict Code of Conduct that ensures continuity of supply, high standards and quality systems.

The weight of six elephants

The melted mass is cast into ingot form. Such an ingot can be 9 m long and weigh in excess of 30 t – the weight of six elephants. Precise milling techniques provide an excellent surface. By means of annealing, the ingot is then made ready for hot-rolling: It can be heated to a maximum of 550°C to be cold-rolled later down to as little as 0.2 mm thickness. A coil may be up to 2.7 m wide and weigh up to 20 t. These production steps are crucial for the ultimate quality.

And very fast

By means of rolling speeds up to 480 metres per minutes, a part processed coil is created – although its surface is still untreated, it already has the excellent properties of rolled aluminium. Along with excellent processing possibilities as well as recyclability, its formability, deep-drawing, edging, and renowned light weight characteristics make it unique.