Members of the ASA are stockists and suppliers of aluminium sheet, bar, tube, other section, canstock and aluminium extrusions in a range of profiles.

With extensive experience in the stocking and supply of Aluminium, ASA members can provide you with short lead times, small order quantities and just-in-time deliveries.

Would you like someone to work with you to help with your initial design, to extrude, finish and fabricate the extrusions and to help minimise the cost? Then contact an ASA member for help with designing for optimum production efficiency and reducing fabrication and assembly complexity.

You may be considering whether Aluminium is the material for your new project or whether your current product would benefit from being designed and manufactured in an Aluminium alloy. You can find information on the "about aluminium" page or more detailed information can be obtained from the Aluminium Federation's own web site.

Buying your aluminium from an ASA member will bring many benefits, not least their experience in helping you to choose the correct grade of aluminium for your project or application. Our members are experienced aluminium suppliers and will be able to provide aluminium processing so that your rolled aluminium or extrusion product will require a minimum of processing when it is delivered to your premises. It can be cut, machined and finished so that it may only require fabrication. Alternatively you may take delivery of the aluminium sheet, bar, tube, or other section and machine and finish it yourself. Additionally ASA members stock a range of aluminium sections and profiles thus enabling short lead times and consistent quality.

The demands made by recycling and environmental protection are greater today than ever before and aluminium can help as it is completely recyclable and unlike many other recycled materials, recycled aluminium retains all the properties of the original metal.

With its low-cost recyclability, high rate of scrap recovery and the relative abundance of its ore, aluminium is a highly economically and environmentally sustainable material.

You can send an enquiry to the ASA simply by completing the on-line form here.


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New Buyer's Guide

Download the free guide to purchasing aluminium stock according to European EN Standards. Containing 21 pages, this guide covers the advantages of ordering to standards and describes how to order all types of aluminium.